LTPAC Facilities Need Stronger Data Security Measures

LTPAC Facilities Need Stronger Data Security Measures

Last year was a record year for Data Breaches and Healthcare information is now more vulnerable than ever. According to a gemalto report “Healthcare organizations encountered the greatest number of breaches among all other industries in 2017.”

Given the forces at play, LTPAC providers need to make sure patient data is secure. Layering your security technology is highly recommended by Cyber Security Professionals. One type of technology to include in your stack is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). This gives your IT department control over secure passwords and reduces the threat of weak password creation and management.

MFAs also provides the ability for single sign on to make it easier for users to access their applications. Rather than memorizing different passwords, users login once and connect to all associated applications.

Consider these questions when looking at MFA’s for your organization:

Will it full-fill HIPAA & HITECH Logon Requirements?
Will it provide Secure Logon Access into EMR Data?
Is it Card-based Multi-Factor Authentication?
Does it work with existing physical access badges?
Does it work on Cloud, Enterprise Servers, Small Business, Networks, or Stand Alone Computers?

These are just a few questions to ask when evaluating solutions. For more information, contact us at

Senior Living Marketing Strategies: 5 Best Practices

Senior Living Marketing Strategies: 5 Best Practices

Senior living marketing requires a unique approach. That’s because you’re not just selling a product. You’re presenting a way of life that shows it’s never too late to enjoy the quality of life.

You’re also showing families their loved ones will be in good hands. That’s an important responsibility.

In the following article, we’ll be showing you what to do to make sure everyone is enthusiastic about your facility. Let’s begin!

1. Highlight Your Amenities

According to the National Council for Aging Care, independent living is the top living arrangement choice for today’s seniors. But seniors have choices. To “sell” them on your particular brand, you have to feature the amenities that are going to appeal to that sense of independence.

Take stock of what your best ones are. Place them front-and-center on your website. Make sure you’re showing off both in-house and nearby amenities as well as any transportation choices.

2. Discuss Meal Plans

Who doesn’t love to eat? An enjoyable meal goes a long way into establishing quality-of-life. Promote the kitchen schedule, and update your menus every day or week so seniors know what to expect each day.

Also, make this information prominent on your site so family members and seniors can easily keep up with things. This gives peace of mind that your facility is providing proper nourishment and delicious food options, and it will aid your digital marketing efforts.

3. Talk About the Options to Maintain Independence

Certain health limitations do come with aging. What healthcare assistance options do you have to assist? Promoting those through your site gives prospects the information they need to make a decision.

From a marketing standpoint, it helps you know the type of prospect you have up front. This gives you the ability to better promote any relevant services, and it gives the prospect full disclosure about what you can do for them.

4. Spare No Detail in Your Living Quarters

Your web design should provide a full experience of what it’s like to live at your facility. Consider options like 360-Degree Video to give the prospect a fully immersive experience. This helps you show up rooms, layout, bathroom and shower quality, and space in a way that’s less-limited from standard image posting.

5. Master Your Web Appeal

With best practice Nos. 1-4, we covered the must-have content you need to feature in your marketing. Now let’s talk about the rest.

Your website is your greatest marketing tool, so it needs to load quickly, navigate easily, and be mobile-friendly. Beyond that, there’s social networking.

Social networks are where most of your prospects and their family members will be the most active online. Secure your brand identity on the platforms you plan to use.

Facebook and Instagram are particularly effective for facilities because you can directly target your audience,  they emphasize visual marketing components And there’s a lot of people using them.

Check your branding on your networks-of-choice to maintain consistency and ensure they are featured prominently on your website’s home page.

Senior Living Marketing Is About Visualization

You must go beyond simply telling prospects who you are and what you have to offer. It’s about helping them visualize themselves at your facility. Contact NCN Marketing today if you’re ready to master your senior living marketing touch.

Sharepoint: A Collaborative Effort in Healthcare

Sharepoint: A Collaborative Effort in Healthcare

Sharepoint Solutions: A Collaborative Effort in Healthcare

With healthcare impacted by regulations and competing factors, Sharepoint solutions include clinical protocols, training policies, and HIPAA compliant platforms.

We all want what is best for our loved ones. As older adults enter senior communities, it’s becoming harder for facilities to update their software. Sharepoint provides state-of-the-art software that is easy to install and get going right away.

Let’s talk about why Sharepoint delivers streamlined solutions for senior communities and why you should use it for your residents.

What Exactly Is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a powerful content management system tool that makes information sharing simple. It’s easy to set-up, and you can connect your facilities; pc’s and cell phones to make transferring relevant documents more streamlined between team members and departments. Users can share several types of materials, as well as create custom forms using templates.

It can protect your patients’ information from data loss caused by breaches and file corruption with encryption. Sharepoint is HIPAA compliant, which is essential to protect your information. Healthcare security is the number one priority for patients and the ones who take care of them.

What Kind of Information Can I Share?

There are many types of files that you can share with your teammates on Sharepoint. From new patient intakes to medical records, Sharepoint does it all. You can choose who can view and access specific files, so your vital information can go to the right group of people.

You can also set-up your profile to add libraries, blogs, lists and much more. The sky is the limit, and it’s easy to manage what you want to add and share.

Sharepoint and Security

Content management software that medical facilities use has to be HIPPA compliant, especially with the rise in data breaches. It is essential to keep your patients’ privacy and data as safeguarded as possible. Below, I will share some tips, so Sharepoint Solutions can keep your patients’ information secure and protected:

  • Control User Access
  • Audits Your Account
  • Policy Framework to Reduce Security Risks
  • You Can Put Your Browser on Lockdown
  • Data Loss Prevention From Office 365

Sharepoint takes healthcare security seriously and hence ensures that you can protect private data with innate security tools.

Is There a Learning Curve with SharePoint?

Most people do not have any trouble learning Sharepoint, because it is like Microsoft Office. But, if you want to learn more advanced Sharepoint strategies, there are a lot of training courses to choose from on the internet. Some courses offer certificates of completion while others don’t.


Streamlining your patients care is vital for effective decision making regarding their health. With Sharepoint Solutions, you can share relevant documents with your teammates that is secure and efficient.

If your senior living community is ready to upgrade to a more efficient solution, then NCN Technology is here to help. We specialize in custom software and Sharepoint Consulting. Keep up with the competition and let us help you make the right choice for your organization.